The effect of the setback angle on overturning stability of the retaining wall

  • Thi Thu Nga Nguyen

    University of Transport Technology, 54 Trieu Khuc street, Hanoi, Vietnam
  • Van Thuc Ngo

    Mien Tay Construction University, 20B Pho Co Dieu street, Vinh Long, Vietnam
  • Thanh Quang Khai Lam

    Mien Tay Construction University, 20B Pho Co Dieu street, Vinh Long, Vietnam
  • Thanh Trung Nguyen

    Viet Nam Japan Construction and Mechanics Trading Joint Stock Company, Hanoi, Vietnam
Từ khóa: Retaining wall, setback angle, overturning stability

Tóm tắt

Retaining walls are a relatively common type of protective structure in construction to hold soil behind them. The form of the retaining wall is also relatively diverse with changing setback angle. Design cross-selection of retaining wall virtually ensures the stability of the retaining wall depends on many aspects. It is essential to consider these to bring the overall picture. For this reason, the authors selected a research paper on the influence of the setback angle on the overturning stability of the retaining wall. To evaluate the behavior stability of retaining wall with some key factors having different levels such as setback angle, internal friction angle of the soil, the slope of the backfill is based on the design of the experiment (DOE) with useful statistical analysis tools. These, proposing the necessary technical requirements in choosing significant cross-sections of retaining structure to suit natural terrain and save construction costs, ensure safety for the project.

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